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Buffer Box
These buffer boxes can connect to your PABX via Serial/RS-232 or TCP/IP and collect and store up to 8000 call records, they also have an internal battery in case of power failure. The buffer communicates with the Man3000 software via USB connection to the client’s PC. The latest version of the Man3000 software is included in the purchase of a LAN or Serial buffer box.

The dongle allows for authentication with the Man3000 servers without the need for an internet connection at site. Retrieval of the call records is completed through TCP/IP connection to the PABX or file transfer from the PABX.

Desktop Software
The Man3000 Desktop Software retrieves the call records directly through Serial/RS-232, TCP/IP or USB connection or file transfer from the PABX. Authentication with the Man3000 servers occurs through the client’s internet connection.

Budget Controller
The Man3000 Budget Controller is a powerful tool for maximising the control you have over your telephone accounts. It allows you to set budgets and even limit the money your employees are spending on the phone.
This is a separate software suite that runs in conjunction with the Man3000 Desktop solution, it uses all the data recorded on the Man3000 database.