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Ericsson-LG ip-800
The aria ip-800 is an innovative hybrid platform maximizing the cost and communication effectiveness for the SME (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) market. With a high-performing new Call Server, increased VoIP functionality and embedded Unified system software, the aria ip-800 provides seamlessly expandable IP (Internet Protocol) and UC (Unified Communications) capabilities to meet customer requirements.

New increased port capacity Call Server (up to 1,200 ports)
High-Capacity VoIP with enhanced IP features (up to 128 VOIP channels)
Embedded Unified Communcations platform in the system Call Server
Enhanced system features based on the IPECS-UCP software platform
Compatibility with additional E-LG applications e.g. IPECS-CCS, IPECS-UCS, IPECS-IPCR etc.
Enhanced Voicemail & Auto-Attendant functionality

Maximum 1200 Ports (Extensions + Trunks)
Maximum 1200 Stations/Extensions
Maximum 600 Trunks
Attendants = 5
Alarm/Doorbell input
IP-DECT supported
External Music source input