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What is Business Live?
Business Live is an all-in-one communications solution for your mobile phone. It combines GSM technology with our Next Generation Solutions that expands and grows with any company, anywhere, bundled into one powerful solution.

⦁ 1 to Unlimited users (expandable)

⦁ Easy QR Code Setup

⦁ GSM call quality

⦁ Hold transfer

⦁ Voice mail / voice mail to email

⦁ Interactive auto attendant

⦁ Call recording

⦁ Music on hold

⦁ Security monitoring

⦁ Business driven features

⦁ Expansive technology

⦁ Unlimited calling
Why Business Live?

⦁ Expand as you grow

⦁ Have a office anywhere

⦁ No monthly line rentals

⦁ Month to month

⦁ No company cell phone contracts

⦁ No expensive hardware

⦁ No capital outlay

⦁ No on-site installations

⦁ Instant business call setup

⦁ Easy Web Customization

⦁ No surprise bill shocks
Available Packages:
Business Live Soho

1 - 6 Users
Business Live Standard

1 - 10 Users
Business Live Custom +

Custom or 21+ Users
Business Live Advanced

1 - 20 Users